Monday, September 14, 2009


Eternal hallelujahs
Be to the Father given,
Who loved His own
Ere time began,
And marked them out for heaven.

Anthems of equal glory,
Ascribe we to the Saviour;
Who lived and died
That we, His bride,
Might live with Him forever.

Hail, co-eternal Spirit,
Thy church's new Creator!
The saints He seals,
Their fear dispels,
And sanctifies their nature.

We laud the Glorious Triad,
The mystic One-in-Essence;
Till called to join
The hosts that shine
In His immediate Presence.

Faithful is He that promised,
And stands engaged to save us:
The triune Lord
Has passed His word
That He will never leave us!

A Kingdom He assigned us,
Before the world's foundation:
Thou God of grace,
Be Thine the praise,
And ours the consolation.

- Augustus Toplady (1740-1778)

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