Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Grace Abounds

Today this is what God said to me with His voice directly, that is, in His perfect and unchanging Word, by the presence and illumination of the blessed Holy Spirit.

"The God of ALL grace" - 1 Peter 5:10 - By giving Himself that description, He is reminding me, His child, that He is like that, that He is the God of all grace;

Then there's more

2 verses later, in 5:12, God says, "This is the true grace of God; stand firm in it."

What more could I need for the day? Yes, I read more this morning than 1 Peter 5; but that brief passage this brand new morning has given me more than all I need today to walk with Him. I could never exhaust those 2 verses.

"The God of ALL grace- this is the true grace of God- stand firm in it."

How wonderful is that?

Then consider these thoughts:

- Anything this side of hell is pure grace. - Anonymous

- There is no reason for grace except grace. - Anonymous

- Every day we are objects of the grace of God. - Donald G. Barnhouse

- The more grace thrives in the soul, the more sin dies in the soul.- Thomas Brooks

- All grace comes from the God of all grace. - William Gurnall

- God's grace is not only amazing, it is abounding. - Vance Havner

- All the Christian's rights and privileges are by his grace. - William Hendricksen

May the God of all grace pour out grace upon you today, for this is the true grace of God in Jesus Christ; so stand firm in it. This is for you.

- Mack T.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

God Is

The highest thought a person can have is the thought of God. The most important thing about anyone is their view of God. A proper view of God brings a proper world view, as well as a correct view of man and of all of life.

The Christian's view of God ought ever to be growing, deepening, and enlarging. A great view of God comes by frequent meditation upon him, consistent prayer unto him, and by regularly filling the mind with Scripture, as it alone reveals to us God's attributes and glory.

Consider these thoughts:

God is his own eternity. - Stephen Charnock

The eternity of God is nothing else but the duration of God, and the duration of God is nothing else but his existence enduring. - Stephen Charnock

God is not the great 'I WAS'; he is the great 'I AM'. - Eric Alexander

Eternity is the lifetime of the Almighty. - Anonymous

Time writes no wrinkle on the brow of the Eternal One. - Anonymous
Whatever God is, he is infinitely. - A. W. Tozer
God is beyond origin. - Novation of Rome

There is no higher mystery than God's eternity. - William Plumer

It is not for us to set an hour-glass to the Creator of time. - Samuel Rutherford

Unlike mortal man, God is incorruptible and therefore immortal.
- Geoffrey Wilson

God is the only perfectly and permanently satisfying reality in the universe.
- Mack T.

God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. - author of Hebrews

What is he to you today?

- Mack T.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Treasuring The Book of God

How much more can we treasure the amazing gift we have been given in the Scriptures? I would venture to say alot more. Does familarity breed contempt or at least presumption, neglect, or lack of appreciation?

The wonder that God would condescend to speak and give his very mind, purpose, thoughts, and plan in a written language ought to ever keep us in awe. He who holds a Bible in his hands holds the very words of God himself. He who reads Scripture in faith is hearing the voice of God.

Consider these thoughts:

True faith will totter if the authority of the Holy Scriptures loses it hold on men. We must surrender ourselves to the authority of Scripture, for it can neither mislead nor be misled. - Augustine

The authority of the Bible comes not from the calibre of its human authors, but from the character of its divine Author. - John Blanchard

The Bible is the sceptre by which the heavenly King rules his church. - John Calvin

The Word of God is more credible than a visitor from the dead. - B. H. Carroll

The authority of Scripture is not one that binds, but one that sets free. - William Clarke

The Word of God is above the church. - Thomas Cranmer

God's Word is its own best argument. - Vance Havner

The Word of God is either absolute or obsolete. - Vance Havner

There is only one real inevitability-- it is necessary that the Scripture be fulfilled. - Carl Henry

The best evidence of the Bible being the Word of God is found between its covers. - Charles Hodge

Never mind the scribes-- what saith the Scriptures? - Martin Luther

The wise Christian is the one who never allows anything interfere with his or her daily feeding upon the words of Scripture, to be renewed in their mind after the image of God. Are you being robbed from the best by that which is only good? Do you read it, cherish it, treasure it up in your heart, as the very words from your loving Heavenly Father to you personally?

"Blessed is the man who walks in Your favor,Who loves all Your words and hides them like treasure." - Fernando Ortega

- Mack T.